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var num=1
img1 = ()
img1.src = “information.gif”
img2 = ()
img2.src = “interference.gif”
img3 = ()img3.src = “message.gif”

img4 = new Image ()
img4.src = “nervous.gif” 

text1 = “Text for Picture One”
text2 = “Text for Picture Two”
text3 = “Text for Picture Three”
text4 = “Text for Picture Four”

function slideshowUp()
if (num==5)

function slideshowBack()
if (num==0)


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<IMG SRC=”information.gif” NAME=”mypic” BORDER=0 HEIGHT=”100” WIDTH=”100”>

<FORM NAME=”joe”>
<INPUT TYPE=”text” WIDTH=”100” NAME=”burns” VALUE=”Text For Picture One”>

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1 year ago
ladies qet ur summer version of chucks&#160;!!! heyyy lol (Taken with Instagram)
LMAOOOO . yikes (Taken with Instagram)
thats me&#8230;lol drinkin
my new workout plan lol .  (Taken with Instagram)
Dont do it Playa&#8230;.  (Taken with Instagram)
i dont like hello kitty but i wanna make one of her . she qot on leopard&#160;!  (Taken with Instagram)
k. michelle nice tho  (Taken with Instagram)
#tbt @chicabonita__  ahhhhhh lol (Taken with Instagram)
check baby out  (Taken with Instagram)
they was fiqhtin for my attention 😁😁 (Taken with Instagram)
pink skies&#160;!! just for @kekeroro  (Taken with Instagram)
Taken with Instagram